Adriana Stacy, Tenant Specialist

Adriana is a conscientious Commercial Space Specialist at Keenan Ellicott on a mission to redefine tenant representation within the real estate industry.

Adriana is client-focused and adaptable to individual needs which endears her to everyone she works with. She is genuinely passionate about serving others and leverages her unique, personalized approach as well as creativity to guide tenants through the challenges of commercial real estate. At the core of her business is her desire to empower people with information and the resources necessary to position them for success by executing the best possible strategies available. Adriana has a particular mastery of financial and analytical tasks as well as great organizational skills, keen attention to detail, and a well-rounded business approach.

Prior to joining Keenan Ellicott, Adriana worked at MLS Properties as VP of Operations, a privately owned and operated real estate investment, development, and management company where she oversaw operations including asset management, property management, construction management, and investor relations. She was also part of the North American Womenswear Wholesale team at Ralph Lauren.

Adriana holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Administration from Boston University and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Real Estate at Fordham University.