Tenant Representation

Big and small, we work with companies of all sizes to find the perfect commercial space to fit their needs

Keenan Ellicott acts as an advocate, partner, and advisor in navigating the challenging issues associated with commercial real estate. After a detailed analysis of your business and goals, we use our superior market information and firm understanding of what drives both sides in a lease negotiation to achieve superior financial results for your company.

Our experienced team has successfully negotiated and worked on over 200 million dollars worth of commercial deals for companies ranging from non-profit corporations to Fortune 500s. From 5,000 to 500,000 square feet, Keenan Ellicott will help you find the best space for your company’s objectives and then strategically negotiate the best outcome.

Strategic Negotiation

Creating a proactive negotiating environment where we dictate the process rather than react to it

Keenan Ellicott’s success has stemmed from developing negotiating platforms for our clients based on a comprehensive understanding of their goals and objectives, and then leveraging market knowledge and conditions to get the best economic transaction.



Ideally you want to create a situation in which you can leverage the market’s desire to gain you as a tenant against your landlord’s desire to keep you. We recommend maximizing this leverage by thinking about your real estate decisions in advance. If you begin your renewal discussion too close to your lease expiration, the landlord knows the odds of you moving are slim and you will lose your bargaining power. It is critical to engage a brokerage that represents exclusively tenants, like us, to tour at least three competitive properties. Proposals should be sent by your tenant representative to all competitive properties and your current building in order to maintain maximum leverage and achieve the most favorable results for your specific needs.


After a detailed analysis of your business and goals, we use our comprehensive databases and large network to find all available alternative options that meet your specific needs. We are aware of which landlords provide the most concessions, the highest quality build-outs, and the quickest construction turnaround times. We are also aware of which landlords to avoid. We are specialized in commercial tenant representation and have a firm understanding of how to navigate the complexities of an office lease. With a superior knowledge of what drives both sides in lease negotiations, we negotiate on your behalf to deliver unrivaled savings on your occupancy costs.


We are experienced commercial representatives that are aware of long-term bargain sublease opportunities that may be far more attractive economically than a direct lease and can skillfully point out the benefits and drawbacks of such alternatives. Coworking space is often more expensive than deciding to sublease a space or even leasing a space directly from a building. It is important to gather a complete picture of all the coworking space charges before assuming it could be more economical. We look at expansions as an opportunity to create long term savings on your overall commercial real estate expenses. We negotiate on your behalf with the landlord to increase concessions, such as space upgrades and remodeling paid for entirely by the landlord, as a reward for taking on additional space, and making the overall asset more favorable.

Full-Service Planning

Helping businesses create value, reduce costs, and promote efficiency through strategic real estate planning

Keenan Ellicott helps clients identify and align real estate requirements with strategic business, financial, and operational objectives. Keenan Ellicott acts as your exclusive advocate in all matters pertaining to your facility and real estate issues. With real estate playing an increasingly larger role in every company’s bottom line, it is critical that you retain an expert to help you analyze your needs and provide the optimum real estate solution.                                                                                                                                                 

  • Current situation and business plan analysis
  • Space planning/programming
  • Market analysis and alternatives identification
  • Strategic site selection lease and purchase transactions
  • Municipal incentives identification and negotiation
  • Comparative property, infrastructure, and financial analysis
  • Transaction negotiation
  • Build-out and post occupancy services
  • Sublease, space disposition, and expansion
  • Lease renewal & renegotiations (blend and extend)

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