There are a few things that set us apart.

Elite Team

  • Having successfully negotiated over 200 million dollars of commercial real estate deals, we attribute our success not just to our collective educations and diverse backgrounds but also to our commitment to continuous self-improvement, fanatical prospecting, and true investment in one another.
  • Our team consists of veteran negotiators, each with a proven track record of success. We come from backgrounds in law, investment banking, business development, and investor relations giving us a strong foundation in work ethic and strategic negotiation. We have been recipients of awards such as Columbia University’s MBA Leadership Award, Cornell’s Tradition Leadership Award, Goldman Sachs’s Rising Star Award, Merrill Lynch’s Top Sales Award, and CBRE’s Most Promising Employee.
  • We are enthusiastic networkers which helps us identify off-market opportunities and stay on top of new information that may impact you. Collectively our team has membership in the Harvard Real Estate Club, The Harvard Family Office Group, The New York Bar Association, The Columbia Business School Real Estate Association, The New York Hedge Fund Association, The International Rescue Committee, The Ridgewood Tennis Club, and The US Sailing Club.

Tenant Side Only

  • We solely represent tenants and are fiercely loyal to our clients’ needs and interests. We align ourselves squarely on the tenant’s side of the table when negotiating occupancy terms. We do not represent any buildings and therefore have no loyalty to Landlords and zero conflicts of interest.
  • Thanks to recent court cases and news stories, light is finally being shed on the questionable practices of brokerage firms that represent both sides of a real estate deal. The firms that offer tenant representation but also represent buildings have incentives to push you towards a specific property or encourage you to accept terms that often puts the lessor’ s interests above yours.
  • This conflict of interest would not be acceptable in almost any other industry. Real estate is catching up and tenants and buyers are seeking out the exclusive representation which we offer to ensure a fair deal.

Invested in Our Clients

  • You become part of our family when we represent you. We invest ourselves entirely in making sure we get you the best deal possible and pride ourselves on coming up with creative solutions to any problem.
  • We manage the process from start to finish. Many firms pass work such as running an available space report along to lower level associates. We do not believe this produces extraordinary results. 
  • Much of our business comes from referrals and we pride ourselves on our reputation of getting below market deals for our clients.

Technology Partners

  • We are not in denial of the impact new technology has had on the commercial real estate brokerage community. Many firms are still using antiquated methods to source data.
  • In addition to being a CoStar powered firm, we partnered early and often with the latest technology companies providing new and valuable insights into the market.
  •  By being armed with the most comprehensive information, we achieve extraordinary results for our clients.


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